For the past few weeks, life has been consistently amazing. The boy and I have taken to maintaining a positive outlook on life together; essentially refusing to have a bad day. And you know what? It’s working.
There have been a lot more smiles…

Lazy days with our little family…

Yummy home-cooked meals by yours truly…

This Saturday we [...]

Seize The Day

Hi hi hi hi just stopping in real quick to let you all know I’m still alive. I took last Friday off for the wedding preparation, Saturday was the big day, Sunday was Father’s Day and I’ve spent the last two days getting caught up at work. Phew. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back on schedule [...]

May’s half gone, already?

I’m alive. Barely.

I feel like before I started this blog I had so much “free” time and would have never thought I’d find myself in such a busy lifestyle as to where I’d have to pencil in shower time, let alone blog. Good grief.
I’m sensing the hysteria will begin to wind down soon and I’ll [...]

Ashley in Wonderland

Last night Glenn and I went over to Ashley & Jordan’s for dinner and to take on some more wedding planning details. In addition to designing her bridal shower invites (shown above) I’ll also be doing her makeup the day of the wedding so we did a trial run (sorry, no photo of that) with [...]

My best friends’ wedding

So my best friends Ashley & Jordan are tying the knot in a few months and as maid of honor 2nd in command (her sister is #1 naturally) they’ve asked me to design the bridal shower invites and ceremony programs. I’m extremely honored that they want my help on this and am also mega stoked [...]