Renegade sneak peek

Shawni, Chelsea & I at SF Renegade
Sorry for the lack-luster post today but I’ve been a busy girl planning for Stitch Swap in September, catching up on emails, client work & adding my sponsors {say hello to them there on the left!}. I promise to be back soon with a complete post-Renegade update & a [...]

OK Computer

Oh hello, hi there. Please excuse the dust around here, as there have been a few maintenance changes and updates to the site and layout.
First and most importantly I have finally debugged it in Internet Explorer! So for all you IE browser users out there, please click around and let me know if you still [...]

Thunder sticks, tattoos & my big head on your computer screen

The past few days {including today} have been amazing! So much good stuff, like the Kings basketball game the Mister and I attended over the weekend. The publication I write for offered us two tickets to accompany them and since they are dear friends of ours we happily obliged. Little did we know just how [...]

Thank God I’m Female


Another week in the books! Thank goodness it’s over. This weekends’ itinerary includes;
- homemade sangria party w/ the neighbors
- finish & present International Autocraft re-design (finally!)
- going away dinner/party for one of Glenn’s buddies who’s moving to Santa Cruz
- tanning
- shredding
- brunch (mimosas included mmm) with Holly who I haven’t seen in forever
- family dinner(?) [...]

May’s half gone, already?

I’m alive. Barely.

I feel like before I started this blog I had so much “free” time and would have never thought I’d find myself in such a busy lifestyle as to where I’d have to pencil in shower time, let alone blog. Good grief.
I’m sensing the hysteria will begin to wind down soon and I’ll [...]