4 simple goals

Elsie recently blogged challenging us to accomplish 4 simple goals. These are mine.
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one. Spend more QT with Glenn When you’re in love with someone just as busy & creative as you, it can prove extremely difficult to remember to stop, take a deep breath and just enjoy your relationship. It’s [...]

Love Shack

After weeks of hunting on Craigslist, appointments & viewings, we’ve finally found a new place & signed the lease! It’s funny, because it all happened by chance too. The mister and I were taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood when we walked by a cute brick Victorian with a ‘For Rent’ sign. It didn’t [...]

Tasty Trader Joe’s

I don’t know if this is a common dilemma with couples living together or not but in my experience I have found that the whole eating thing is tricky. Keeping the cupboards|fridge stocked, buying *just enough* groceries for two people, budgeting eating out, not being lazy & cooking are the main aspects and we’re still [...]


I too, have joined in on the Hipstamatic craze and I thought I’d share with you some recent snapshots I’ve taken with the nifty little app. Enjoy.
One of my best friends Kayte Faye who currently resides in Seattle, scored me this vintage Smith-Corona typewriter in mint condition. I.am.in.love. I need to sit down and learn [...]

10 ways to build a happy love nest

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Glenn & I have been dating for almost two years and have lived together essentially the entire time. Think I’m crazy for immediately cohabitating? Click here for the who/what/why and where to that story.
Although technically he isn’t the first boyfriend I’ve lived with, he is the first one I’ve actively rented an apartment [...]