Love Shack: Where the magic happens

I know the title of the post is cheesy but just once, I wanted to feel like I was on the set of MTV’s Cribs & say that. ^_^
Last night we worked really hard on putting away the piles of clothes left over from the move and organizing the bedroom. Here’s a few snapshots of [...]

Love Shack sneak peeks & giveaway winner

Hello loves! I am back from my little moving mini-hiatus. Miss me? :)
We spent all day Friday|Saturday|Sunday moving in from across the street. Can you say easiest move ever? We were lucky to enlist the help of our amazing parents as well {thanks mom & Perry!} to help things go smoothly. Long story short we [...]

Moving hiatus

{photo by Ashlee Gadd}
Taking a short break from blogging for the rest of the week & focusing all my time and energy on moving into the new love shack! Behave yourselves.

Etsy inspiration

No joke, I can spend hours browsing on Etsy. Now that the mister and I are upgrading our love shack, I have been on the prowl for new furniture, decor & housewares. Craigslist has been an open tab on my browser all week & is where I scored an amazing vintage dining set & now [...]

Love Shack

After weeks of hunting on Craigslist, appointments & viewings, we’ve finally found a new place & signed the lease! It’s funny, because it all happened by chance too. The mister and I were taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood when we walked by a cute brick Victorian with a ‘For Rent’ sign. It didn’t [...]