Liz Says So: Spin Pins

I have been hearing a lot about Goody’s latest hair tool, Spin Pins & decided to try out this miracle product.

They come in two colours; blonde & brunette & cost about $6 {I got mine from Target}. They’re basically corkscrew shaped bobby pins or as a friend said, “they look like DNA strands.” They come [...]

(Wo)men in black

I’m unconventional when it comes to the trends in hair color proportionate to the season. Most people (that I know) tend to have darker hair in the fall/winter & then lighten up in the warmer, summer months. Not me. I’m the exact opposite and prefer a chocolate-y auburn color in the winter & dark, almost [...]

History of hair

Over the years my hair has been practically ever color under the sun from black, brown, red, blonde, & a combination of all those at one point (not cute). Basically I change up my hair like nobody’s business.
The urge to change has struck again. I’m thinking I want to go back to dark. Right [...]