10 ways to build a happy love nest

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Glenn & I have been dating for almost two years and have lived together essentially the entire time. Think I’m crazy for immediately cohabitating? Click here for the who/what/why and where to that story.
Although technically he isn’t the first boyfriend I’ve lived with, he is the first one I’ve actively rented an apartment [...]

Things My Boyfriend Says

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these. The following is another eye-rolling installment of Things My Boyfriend Says. Enjoy.
Glenn: You are SUCH a princess.
Me: What! No I’m not.
Glenn: Yes you are, and princess’ are totally selfish.
Me: Not all princess’. Look at Princess Diana.
Glenn: Yeah, well she didn’t follow the Selfish Princess Code and [...]

Home Sweet Home

As promised, here are photos from our new flat! I can honestly say after much stress, moving and $$$ later, we are the proud ownersrenters of this charming upper-level Victorian flat. We are in love with it. Please note, the place is still in its beginning stages and there are boxes/clothes/random stuff everywhere. If and [...]


As per usual lotsssss has been happenin’ around here. I figured it was time for me to sit down and give ya’ll the scoop on the good, the bad & the ugly.
First and excitedly foremost, our apartment hunt which began back in January when my lease was up is finally over; Glenn & I [...]


Glenn: When are you going to write a blog post about just me?
Me: Um, I’ve written like four posts regarding you specifically.
Glenn: Well I want one that’s like, “100 Reasons Why Glenn Is Awesome.”
Me: I wrote one with reasons as to why I love you remember? On our anniversary?
Glenn: There weren’t 100 though.
I know, right? [...]