Music Monday: Ke$ha Intervention

If there is one thing I miss about having cable television, it’s the Current channel., srsly. It’s witty yet informative. Totally my kind of TV. So imagine my delight when I discovered they did a segment on a musical intervention featuring Ke$ha. It’s no secret I despise that creature known as kay ee dollar sign aych ay. If you hate her too you’ll love this clip as much as I do. Enjoy.

Hilarious, right? Who do you think needs a musical intervention?

Link Bytes 6.25.10

  • Tonight I’m excited to hang out with blogging girlfriends Ashlee & Erin for an evening of Crafts & Cocktails. I’m thinking of bringing supplies to try out this super simple pom-pom tutorial.
  • For all you tea drinkers out there, I thought this mug design was adorable & clever.
  • Is it just me or does Lady Gaga make the U.S. currency look fabulous? I’m going gaga for Gaga bucks.
  • Loving the daintiest little arrow ring.
  • If I had grown up with desks like these in school maybe I wouldn’t have ditched so much. Just sayin’.
  • I’ve watched this kitten freak himself out a few times. So adorbs.
  • This morning Ruelala took Twitter by storm and I found myself browsing the site. When I came across this French Connection peacock dress I literally gasped aloud. Too bad it’s sold out in my size :(

Offline Love; Getting compliments on my peacock hair; finishing a major project at work, LGS planning parties {cuuute stuff in the works!}; wearing flip-flops all week; pool floats; the smell of clean laundry; picking up thrifted treasures for our new love shack; my four little pots project; ny cheesecake froyo; photobooth pics with mister; midnight tickets to see eclipse w/ my best friend; tiny braids in my hair; & my brand new, beautiful BIKE! ♥

Four Little Pots

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the brilliant Kyla Roma but if you’re not-you should be. She’s amazing I promise. Speaking of amazing, she and her pal Moorea came up with a project known as Four Little Pots that I’m participating in. I ordered & patiently waited for my care package from Kyla {which was adorable by the way} and squeeed when it finally arrived. Over the weekend I gathered my supplies, selected a few terracotta pots, painted & adorned them with their corresponding herb’s initial & tried my hand thumb at gardening.

Do you have a green thumb? Have you ever planted anything? Fingers crossed I don’t screw it up & they actually grow into tasty & sweet smelling delights!

gpoww 6.23.10

I love mister’s “WTF” face here.

“Can someone get me a beer?”

I swear sometimes he is totally human. He loves the pool float. What’s next, surfing?!

Love Shack

After weeks of hunting on Craigslist, appointments & viewings, we’ve finally found a new place & signed the lease! It’s funny, because it all happened by chance too. The mister and I were taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood when we walked by a cute brick Victorian with a ‘For Rent’ sign. It didn’t list the rent price but said it was 2bdrm w/ washer & dryer so we decided to call for details anyway. The next day we got a call back and the rest is, as they say, history. The best part? It’s directly across the street from our current spot. Hello, easiest move ever. Here’s a mini tour of it;

Living Room

Kitchen|dining area

Bathroom|laundry area {behind the accordion doors|




Front yard|orange tree|herb garden!!

Front steps & a handsome mister {sold separately}

I didn’t get any good photos of the bedroom but it looks just like the office just much larger and a basic square floor plan. Lots of room for dressers & storage. I’m on the hunt for a cute vanity since the bathroom just has a pedestal sink. It’s overwhelming and exciting all at once. I have a vision of what I want everything to look like it’s just going to be a slow process putting all the pieces together. The upside is that we are getting rid of a lot of clutter as well. I’ve already put a couple of things up on Craigslist including my IKEA workstation since I want something much simpler.

Official move date is August 1st eeee! It will be here before we know it & I can start building a new love nest<3