Music Monday: Love The Way You Lie

Confession: I love Eminem. I have always loved his music & the Recovery album is no different. I’m currently obsessed with his collaboration with Rihanna for Love The Way You Lie. Give it a listen below. Swoon-worthy right?
Eminem featuring Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie by Fatehah No
ps; While I was searching YouTube for [...]

Music Monday: Pursuit of Happiness

Remember when I blogged about Lissie covering Lady Gaga? Well, she’s at it again, this time covering Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. Watch the video below & fall {more} in love with her voice. Also, it’s worth noting how BADASS she is taking a tequila shot right before the song. A girl after my own [...]

Music Monday: The Head and the Heart

One of my best friends moved to Seattle last year and although I’m sad she’s not just around the corner from me anymore, I can’t complain about the various musical artists she’s turned me onto since then. The latest being Seattle natives, The Head and the Heart. The folky toe-tapping ensemble has been on repeat [...]

Music Monday: Deerhunter

FAMOUS LAST WORDS - DEERHUNTER from Cove Entertainment on Vimeo.
I am loving Deerhunter’s new video for Famous Last Words; check it!

Music Monday: Ke$ha Intervention

If there is one thing I miss about having cable television, it’s the Current channel., srsly. It’s witty yet informative. Totally my kind of TV. So imagine my delight when I discovered they did a segment on a musical intervention featuring Ke$ha. It’s no secret I despise that creature known as kay ee dollar [...]