01/ I came across these old time-y colored photos of Paris and thought they were too dreamy not to share.

02/ A new {to me} blog I am enjoying.

03/ A simple yet delicious looking recipe.

04/ Loved the imagery Danielle created in one of her latest posts. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot as well.

05/ Get into the holiday spirit with these tinsel tunes. The website is pretty sexy as well.

Offline Love; falling asleep to rain; my thoughtful boyfriend supplying + installing maintenance on my car; staying up past my bedtime because I can’t stop reading this book; tea with honey; puppy kisses; being wrapped in blankets with a glass of wine watching american horror story; pay day; drinking tons of water; exciting opportunities for my career & puddle jumping in my liberty of london wellies.


November 30, 2022 2 Comments Link Bytes

01 How awesome would it be to sleep/play in a Cocoon Tree?

02 I would love to try out this UP band + app. Srsly neat.

03 Guys, you better marry your girlfriends before gay guys do. Hilarious.

04 What do you think about the new Facebook “Us” Pages? I’ve been Facebook-free for two years but I still think that shiz is ridiculous.

05 Whoa, whoa, whoa how did I not know Adam and Sarah who play brother and sister on the TV show, Parenthood are dating in real life?! Creepy. Reminds me of when Dexter and Deb were married IRL.

Offline Love; little black dresses; big hair; long socks; planning for cma fest 2013; stretching like a cat; naps with my little family; happy client feedback; foggy afternoon walks in the park; homemade pumpkin pie; cozy evenings surrounded by loved ones and puppies; date nights full of belly-laughs; thai food & movie dates with my family<3


November 16, 2022 4 Comments Link Bytes

01// I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.

02// Designers: check out this simple online wireframe tool. Glenn and I used it last night to create a wireframe for one of our clients and it was super helpful.

03// If Wes Anderson directed Star Wars. Hilarious.

04// I am a huge fan of the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube challenges. This year’s Halloween challenge where parents tell their kids they ate all their candy is even better than last year’s. I especially love the sweet kids at the end who don’t mind at all.

05// I love brussels sprouts and can’t wait to try Anna’s pan-roasted maple recipe!

Offline Love; the first rain, using Walter as a mini space heater during the night; happy mail days; hot showers after a looong day; girl’s night and laughing until our sides hurt; jurassic park + wine; printing out my favorite photos and framing them at work; the look on Glenn’s face when I gave him his birthday gifts early; burying myself in blankets; my fuzzy slippers Glenn got for me; white nail polish; speaking in silly accents for no reason; clothes fresh out of the dryer; garlic parm chicken and coffee + creamer with breakfast<3


November 9, 2022 3 Comments Link Bytes

01// Allie’s DIY bath potion sound super relaxing; I want to try!

02// If you know me you know Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time. I was enraptured {see what I did there?} by this video chronicling the developmental stages of the Velociraptor costume. SO NEAT.

03// Jo gives us some nifty tips on fonts for your blog design.

04// A revolutionary 5MP wearable camera that documents your life by taking a photo every thirty seconds.

05// I love this article so, so, so much. {via Nubby Twiglet}

Offline Love; rosemary + olive oil kettle chips; drinking water out of mason jars; 3 new pairs of jeans that actually fit; yoga in the AM; heart-to-hearts with old friends; clearing the air; screaming my lungs out to my favorite songs being performed live; whiskey gingers; boot + sweater season; maiden braids; bubble baths; apothic red wine; teaching myself Illustrator; Parenthood marathons; laughing in bed with my love; lunch dates at *our* cafe; fuzzy socks & homemade brownies a la mode<3

One more little thing:

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October 26, 2023 4 Comments Link Bytes

01// I know most of us have upgraded to the new iOS 6 but whatchu know about iOS 86?

02// The Instagram theme song. Get ready to laugh out loud.

03// Serious question: Does it make me a hipster if I knew about Lisa Frank before it was cool and UO started selling it? {via @gooddayhoward}

04// Pretty new Pantone iPhone cases.

05// This clever idea of a neon strip show totally reminded me of Magic Mike, haha.

Offline Love; pink skinny jeans; chocolate-covered powerberries; lavender bubble bath; new shampoo that smells heavenly; chevron earrings; smiling for no real reason; sweet-smelling candles; adding to my laugh line collection; red wine; adding to my savings account; getting rid of excess; making up our own game of footsie; my new phone case; pumpkin spice coffee creamer & having a fun-filled weekend planned<3


October 19, 2023 2 Comments Link Bytes