gpoww 7.21.10

Over the weekend while visiting a friends’ house, Jenn suggested we give Walter a bath {and a mohawk} in their kitchen sink. It was pretty hilarious. He looks like a drowned rat.
I don’t even think he looks like a dog here. But I still love him ♥

gpoww 7.14.10

I wish I could just nap while people moved for me :) Passed.Out.

gpoww 6.30.10

Probably my favorite thing about him next to his ewok face? His crooked little teeth.

gpoww 6.23.10

I love mister’s “WTF” face here.
“Can someone get me a beer?”

I swear sometimes he is totally human. He loves the pool float. What’s next, surfing?!

gpoww 6.16.10

We made the mistake of letting Walter sleep with us since the day we got him {srsly though, how can you refuse that face?} and he has slowly but surely assumed his position as King Of The Bed. This is him in MY spot, under the covers & his head on the pillow like a [...]