Lord have mercy on my rough & rowdy ways

lace zipper-back top; forever 21
high-waisted vintage trousers; crimson & clover
belt; thrifted
owl necklace; crimson & clover
vintage pumps; crimson & clover

This outfit was so fun to wear! Clearly, I am obsessed with Crimson & Clover. I sort of didn’t even want to link you right there, because I want everything for myself. *evil laugh* No but srsly, give them love. They are awesome girls with even more awesome style. Do stop by and tell them I sent you!

Can you see the blue in my hair? I re-did it :)


These shoes are gorgeous & make me feel fancy.

Lets not forget my pal Orson who’s been making several cameo’s lately.

Have you tried on any fun styles lately?

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  • Comment from hanako66

    love the outfit.. love the bluuuuue!

  • Comment from CaL

    you are such a cutie…I love that outfit! I havent dressed *cute* in a while…well, I have, but not fancy cute. & I LOVE crimson & clover. =)

  • Comment from Lauren from Texas

    you’re so pretty! love the outfit.

  • Comment from becca wikler


    You better get out. This outfit is so cute, and I love the way you pull it off.

    Now I am leaving before I get the jealousies.

  • Comment from hollysarah.

    love that shirt! Great outfit.
    I had blue i my hair too at one point! look! http://www.flickr.com/photos/hneufeld/3380899021/in/set-72157611401262510/
    :) it was so fun.
    looks great on you. xo

  • Comment from carly

    you are so fierce.

  • Comment from Ashlee

    SO cute. Except, where’s the behind shot? ;)

  • Comment from Chloe

    Absolutely stunning girl!! What did you do to your hair??? It is sooooo long!

  • Comment from Kara

    Gnarly gnarly outfit, I love it. I also love that you name your accessories, haha. So cute <3

  • Comment from Ev`Yan

    I love this outfit on you, Liz. You look beautiful. & those pants fit you perfectly!

  • Comment from Liz

    @becca wikler - Ha! “the jealousies.” You’re cute.

    @hollysarah - LOVE the blue on you. Its definitely fun.

    @carly - Haha I love that word. Thanks!

    @Ashlee - Bahaha. I try to keep this blog PG ;)

    @chloe - Nothin’ special just keep it trimmed and such. It grows like a weed.

  • Comment from iris ashley

    oo gurl your hair is getting hella long! love the outfit!

  • Comment from Lyds.

    you’re adorable.
    i love your style.


  • Comment from Danielle

    Ummm are you the most gorgeous Amazon woman or what??!?!?!?!
    TOTALLY jealous of your mad style!

  • Comment from Krysten

    You cutie! Love that necklace and those shoes!

  • Comment from Kyla Roma

    Gorgeous! I think if I wore that I would look frumpy as anything, but you wear it perfectly! You’re so poised & tailored in these - beautiful! :)

  • Comment from riotersbloc

    You have such a gorgeous figure and pull off that outfit so well! I can imagine that if I tried I would fail dismally. Pants + I do not go well :/

  • Comment from kaelah bee

    is that a kurt halsey piece on your foot? i have a KH half sleeve (eventually a full) and i love finding other people with his work! i’m loving this outfit.


  • Comment from kaelah bee

    oh fun! you’ll have to forgive these photos as they’re so very very old, but here’s a bit of a look at them!



  • Comment from Diana

    you rock the high waisted pants! you look profesh and stylish, and i love the blue hair

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