Link Bytes 7.16.10


  • Ridiculously obsessed with this Amelie-inspired wedding shoot I discovered. Best of all, Lovespun is local!
  • If you’re feeling a bit down & looking for a little pick-me up, read this. It’s amazing & true.
  • Where We Design is an awe-inspiring collection of workspaces.
  • Oh, I’m in love with these literary fashion tees. Tres cute!
  • Monica instructs us all on how to cold press your coffee. Sounds yummy.

Offline Love; Adding personal touches all over the new house; my apothecary-themed shower curtain; best friend dates; curry + thai food; turtle kisses<3; re-centering myself with yoga; making a budget like a big girl; ditching my car and riding my bike every single day; being able to laugh at myself; movie + wine night; midnight mario kart online racing; power naps; cool showers; & tackling projects one at a time.

What inspired you this week?

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  • Comment from Junia

    Thanks for the link love! And…midnight Mario Kart online racing…nothing better then that! Bummed we have an xbox, or else I’d say let’s race! The hubs and I do that too with Bomberman. So fun! I need to get myself into yoga. Been wanting to that for years. Cool to hear you’re riding a bike everyday. I’m trying. Trying. Trying to do that, but there’s too many damn hills in SF! Have a great weekend :)

  • Comment from Chloe

    I love your offline love!! And the wedding things is to die for, so gorgeous! Have a good weekend :)

  • Comment from Krysten

    Oooh I am loving those literary tees, I totally want one! And thanks for the pick me up, I definitely needed one today.

  • Comment from jody

    amelie wedding = total win. love it. and it doesn’t hurt that it’s like my favorite movie ever. ever.

  • Comment from Liz

    @Junia - You are welcome :) Awh yeah that would be fun! I think mister wants to get a PS3 next so we can play Call of Duty haha. Do yourself a favor and practice yoga. You won’t regret it! I’m lucky when it comes to my bike because I live on a grid and only 4 blocks away from work.

    @Chloe - <3

    @Krysten - I’m glad you loved it too.

    @Jody - It’s on my favorites list as well. So darling.

  • Comment from Doniree

    Ok, one - you could totally replicate that photo/video shoot because you look like that girl and two, OH MY GOD I watched that twice it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen :)

  • Comment from katrina

    thanks for sharing that amelie-inspired wedding at Nonpareil Magazine. the video was a joy to watch and the mag is beautiful.

  • Comment from Moorea Seal

    OOh i love all of these links. I’m moving in 3 weeks and need some inspiration for how to redo my workspace. I wont have a sweet office like all those incredible spaces, but hopefully i can whip up something that will make me feel centered and serious!

  • Comment from Diana #2

    Thought you would like this:

  • Comment from shereen

    Ummm, I think me, you, Glenn, and Joshua should play Mario Kart online sometime. Just sayin’.

  • Comment from kristin.

    holy cow, i have been readin’ blogs for a while now and i can’t believe this is my 1st time reading yours. i absolutely love it! you seem like a total doll. its nice to see an awesome, young latina bloggin’.

  • Comment from Jacque

    Just discovered your blog and I love it! You are so adorable!!

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