gpoww 7.14.10

I wish I could just nap while people moved for me :) Passed.Out.

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  • Comment from hanako66

    oh my walter!

  • Comment from sarahfortune

    so cute! at first i thought he was running midair!

  • Comment from shawni marie

    i wish GPOW was he and I napping…


  • Comment from Lauren from Texas

    Oh, hello Walter. I LOVE YOU.

  • Comment from Krysten

    Haha, way too cute. Monte does the same thing.

  • Comment from Moorea Seal

    Amen sister.
    The entire month of July is being consumed with constant moving in and about my house. One roommate moved out a week ago. One will move out in a week and a half. And then the last lady and I will move out at the end of the month. I’m only moving a few blocks away, and she’ll be going back to California. But even just moving a few blocks sucks ass. I think my new apt about 10 blocks away. just enough so that I still have to move everything but car/truck. yuck. Good luck in your move!

  • Comment from Holly

    So cute!

  • Comment from Leigh-Ann

    (it looks like he’s tight rope walking on an edge, hehe)

  • Comment from James

    Great photo!

  • Comment from Purple Deer Vintage

    Ha…Wouldn’t that be ideal?

  • Comment from Kara

    dog are the best. He’s a little cutie!

  • Comment from Kara

    oh man I meant to say DOGS!

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