Liz Says So: Spin Pins

I have been hearing a lot about Goody’s latest hair tool, Spin Pins & decided to try out this miracle product.

They come in two colours; blonde & brunette & cost about $6 {I got mine from Target}. They’re basically corkscrew shaped bobby pins or as a friend said, “they look like DNA strands.” They come with a booklet which advises you on different ways to style your hair with them; low bun, side bun, double-bun or high bun.

low bun was hit or miss. I have really thick, layered hair & it was tough to get all the layers tucked in and secured. The pins twist in really easy and if you do it right, does in fact feel tightly secured in your hair. It does however take a bit of trial & error to get it perfect, with my hair type.
side bun was even worse, for me. Again, my layers were really tough to work with & it was even more difficult when my hair was pulled to the side which lessened the amount of layers I was able to grab.
double-bun failed completely. With this style you’re instructed to use only one pin per bun which was impossible to hold with my thick hair.
high bun was by far the style that worked best. I have more control working with hair at the top of my head and it was easier to tuck in the little wispy layers. Plus a high bun doesn’t weigh your hair down as much as a low bun at the nape of your neck does.

Final verdict? I definitely wouldn’t call it a total bust, since for my purposes I got them for wearing in a high bun & that seemed to work best for me. I think that people with long, mostly one-length hair would benefit the most from this product. I love how easy they are to use and really do hold up pretty well; and are a heck of a lot better than sticking 20 bobby pins in my hair. And at $6 a pop, are affordable enough to try out for yourself.

Have you tried Spin Pins? What was your take on them? If you do try them out let me know!

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  • Comment from hanako66

    cool… i’m a bobby pin freak so being able to use a few of these guys in place of my dozens would be fantastic

  • Comment from Allie

    Ahh, bummer!! Most people have been non stop raving about these. Thanks for an honest review! I still will probably end up buying these, just because I’m so curious.

  • Comment from Angela

    I have longer hair with layers too so I had layers peaking out but I mastered a cute side bun by first putting my hair in a side braid then wrapping in a bun and using the pins. Worked great for me.

  • Comment from Holly

    Hey Liz! I remember you were talking about what to do with old wine bottles (or something along those lines, haha.). Anyways, I was looking through old entries I had kept as “unread” on my google reader to go back to one day, and I found this:
    thought you might like to check it out.

    Anyways, I think when I’m in the States later on this month I’m going to have to pick some of these up. I’ve got pretty long hair that is all one layer, and I’m useless with getting bobby pins to work. I seriously think I’m one of the only girls out there that has no idea how the hell to work bobby pins correctly.

  • Comment from monica

    i love these things, I also have thick hair, and I make a ponytail first then use them it works a lot better!!

  • Comment from Krysten

    I’ve been curious about these too and it sounds like maybe they’d work in my hair since my hair is mostly all one length. And since they’re so cheap it’s not like if they didn’t work I’d be heartbroken.

    Thanks for letting us know Liz!

  • Comment from Liz

    @Allie - I know I felt like an outcast not raving about how amazing they are haha. They’re neat, just not something I fell completely in love with. Definitely give them a try.

    @Angela - Thats awesome that you made it your own with a braid I’ll have to try that!

    @Holly - What a neat DIY thanks for the heads up! Good luck with Spin Pins let me know how it goes :)

    @monica - I tried that too. My dang layers are just too unruly.

  • Comment from Marthaa

    How long does your hair have to be?

  • Comment from Sarah

    my layers are pretty well grown out so i’ll have to give the spin pin a shot. thanks for being the guinea pig ;)

  • Comment from Kelly

    I have the same problem with them when it comes to my layers. I found that making a bun when my hair was wet helped control the layers a little better.

  • Comment from Heather

    I adore your hair in a high bun<3

  • Comment from Junia

    So glad you reviewed these little guys. I have uber thick hair as well so can’t imagine how just one will magically hold my hair in place. The idea of them working seems strong enough to get me to try though! :)

  • Comment from Shopaholic

    hmmm, interesting… I wonder if I can get these in the UK.

  • Comment from Kara

    I bought some too and I like them. I’ve got some wavy, unruly layered hair too and I found the same thing you did - the bun works better mid-head or higher up to catch all the shorter layers. I like the idea of trying it when hair is wet…gonna do that next. Overall I agree with you though, that it’s a decent product but nothing to jizz my pants over.

  • Comment from Danielle

    Thanks for the review. I have been wondering about these for awhile.

  • Comment from ashleyTIA

    Oh, man! Sorry they weren’t as awesome for you. :( I have super thin hair. Putting myself in your shoes, I can imagine how those little guys would struggle with the weight of heavy, thick hair.

    Well, here’s to sexy high buns! ;)

  • Comment from Moorea Seal

    I have super duper thick, super duper smooth shoulder length hair. I have a feeling my hair and these tricky little devices won’t be best friends. sad day. Even super tight sticky headbands slip out of my hair! argh.

  • Comment from Olga

    i absolutely love these things! I pretty much wear them everyday. Even though my hair is not that long and pretty thin and so my bun is pretty tiny, I cant seem to wear my hair up in any other way.

  • Comment from Diana

    This looks interesting. I’m sure the $6 won’t be a huge loss if i get it but I have yet to find something that controls my pubic-like fro.

  • Comment from Sara Kate

    OK, I think I’m going to have to break down and try these for myself, too. My hair is like yours … fairly long, very thick, and layered. Thankfully I love a good high bun, so maybe this’ll be just what I need! Thanks for the review!

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