Love Shack sneak peeks & giveaway winner

Hello loves! I am back from my little moving mini-hiatus. Miss me? :)

We spent all day Friday|Saturday|Sunday moving in from across the street. Can you say easiest move ever? We were lucky to enlist the help of our amazing parents as well {thanks mom & Perry!} to help things go smoothly. Long story short we are in love with the place.

I love our IKEA rug

I love our bed

I love making good {and good for you} lunches

Please tell me that bell pepper does not resemble a butterfly?!

And of course I love my sleeping beauties. Clearly pooped from the move.

More photos later, as we continue to assemble our new Love Shack!

In other news, I picked a winner for my Seablanket Giveaway and the lucky gal is Ali. If you are Ali please email me with your shipping address to claim your prize. Thanks to all who participated; don’t be sad, stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future.

kiss kiss,

{ 16 Responses to “Love Shack sneak peeks & giveaway winner }

  • Comment from Amy --- Just A Titch

    Liz, the new place looks great and now I’m craving bell peppers! Now that we’re both settled…drinks?

  • Comment from Tiera

    Can’t wait to see more pics of the new place! PS: I die for that quilt!!

  • Comment from Krysten

    That final picture is precious!

  • Comment from monica

    That rug is great, it has a nice vintage feel!

  • Comment from chelsea

    lovelovelove that rug! congrats on the new place!

  • Comment from iris ashley

    look at your cute little bed! love those colors!

  • Comment from Liz

    @Amy - I emailed you!

    @Tiera - Can you believe it was only $8 from a thrift store? Perfecto.

    @chelsea - Thanks dollface :)

  • Comment from kara

    That looks absolutely perfect. Can I come have a sleepover?

  • Comment from Lauren from Texas

    I can’t tell you that bell pepper does not resemble a butterfly. BECAUSE IT DOES.

  • Comment from Olga

    how fun! I love moving because of the whole decorating and rearranging. And that rug is pretty amazing! I am a bit jealous.

  • Comment from Adeline

    Missed you! Can’t wait to see more photos of you new love nest! <3

  • Comment from Kyla Roma

    I love the peek into your new space! And your bed is just the most amazing thing! Love the new home :)

  • Comment from Rach is Ordinarily Urbane

    Oooh congrats Liz! I’m with Kyla - your bed is so adorable! And that rug is just divine. Geez I would love to have an Ikea near by. Hope the unpacking continues to go well as you get settled :)

  • Comment from Ali

    Wait, seriously?! OMG, I am SO excited! Thank you, thank you! Emailing you now. :)

  • Comment from Gooseberried

    Oh my gosh, I love that Ikea rug! I’m glad you pointed out where it was from because when I saw the photo, I was like, oh my gosh! Where can I get that!? Then you said it and I was like, “Phew!” :)

  • Comment from Kara

    The house is lookin’ good!

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