Link Bytes 7.2.10

  • Confession: TLC’s Toddlers & Tiara’s amuses me to no end. This little brat CRACKS me up. The mister & I mimic her all the time now haha.
  • I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do with my ever-growing collection of wine bottles accumulating in my kitchen & then I stumbled upon this wine-to-vase DIY. Problem solved. And who doesn’t love an excuse to drink more wine?
  • Do you miss your childhood days of smelling like play-doh? Do you wish to re-live your nostalgic experiences as an adult? Well, now you can.
  • J’adore the cut & form of swing dresses. This one is especially delicious.
  • Smashing Magazine does it again with their collection of 50 powerful time saves for web designers.
  • My lovely friend {and blog sponsor!} Monica from Delicious Noise is hosting another crafty workshop known as ‘Scraps & Shit.’ This time we’re making terrariums! If you’re in the area you should definitely join in on the fun with us.

Offline Love; Pedicures that match the teal in my hair; having an empty inbox ftw; mister taking me thrifting; my amazing new dining set; coconut pineapple ice cream cones; finding the perfect quilt; getting delilah a basket; cooking more & spending less; phone calls from my Seattle bestie; qt time my love; eating pizza multiple times a week and soaking up vitamin d in the summer<3

ps; Check out my amazing July sponsors over there on the left! I still have a couple spots open if you want to join ^_^

{ 9 Responses to “Link Bytes 7.2.10 }

  • Comment from Sarah

    I knew exactly what Toddlers & Tiaras clip that was going to be before I even clicked the link. That little girl was hilarious and that show is so addicting!

  • Comment from Krysten

    I love that wine bottle to vase DIY! I definitely need to do that with the many bottles around here, hehe.

  • Comment from CaL

    Lovely links!!! Happy Friday! You made me want a pedi…& to soak some serious sun this weekend. Have a great 4th! <3

  • Comment from CaL

    BTW - your new dining set & your new bike are BOTH lovely!!! =)

  • Comment from Chloe

    Love your Friday links! I got my toes a gorgeous blue color like yours this week and I loooovvveeee it :) Have a great weekend and happy 4th!

  • Comment from Tiera

    So the whole Toddlers & Tiaras thing kinda disturbs me, so I don’t watch, but that girl is friggen hilarious!!

    And I’m no wine drinker, but I might have to steal that vase DIY for all the Pellegrino bottles I’ve been collecting :)

  • Comment from Sara Kate

    What? An excuse to drink more wine? SOLD.

  • Comment from iris ashley

    scraps & shit looks fun, but i’m afraid of killing another plant! would that have fake plants for newbz like me?

  • Comment from Ashlee

    SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR SCRAPS & SHIT! Yes, it deserved all caps. You forgot offline love: 50% off Goodwill sales ;)

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