Etsy inspiration

No joke, I can spend hours browsing on Etsy. Now that the mister and I are upgrading our love shack, I have been on the prowl for new furniture, decor & housewares. Craigslist has been an open tab on my browser all week & is where I scored an amazing vintage dining set & now Etsy is my next victim. Although I surely can’t afford a lot of what I wantneed, I can at least be inspired by it all and of course compile a wishlist. Here are a few things on that list;

I want this so bad it hurts. I can’t find one I like anywhere :( {Found here}

I actually did purchase these because they match my dining set perfectly. Yay! {Found here}

I’m in love with this woodgrain top coffee table. {Found here}

This floral print fabric is exactly what I envision to fashion a table cloth for the dining table. Hopefully I find something similar on my thrift trip this weekend. {Found here}

What a darling wall hanging! Circa 1970’s. {Found here}

Although I long for a life-size version, this dainty dress form could be a welcome substitute. {Found here}

Le sigh. I want so many pretty things. What are you currently lusting after? Let’s console each other :)

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  • Comment from Chloe

    I love the vanity, so pretty although even if I like them so much I can never find a practical use for it, for me it seems like the mirror is always to far away to apply my makeup on, lol! I love Etsy… and moving into new places :)

  • Comment from CaL

    Oh I love your style! Everything is gorgeous!!!

    Pricey…but I thought of you when I saw these.


    Have a great weekend love. <3

  • Comment from Mandy @ Miss Indie

    ooh cute finds! that fabric is to die for. it would make such cute pillows. :]
    XO. mandy

  • Comment from Krysten

    You’re KILLING ME! Right now my job is making me lust after new clothes. The hubs and I need to get on top of our bills before we can buy anything fun and although my job gives me a paycheck all I want to do is take that paycheck and buy everything in the store. Not good.

    And Etsy… don’t even get me started. That site is like a drug, lol.

  • Comment from Liz

    @Chloe - Really?? The one I envision for myself has a space to tuck your knees under like a desk so you can scoot in close to the mirror. The bathroom at our new place is teeny so I want a vanity for the bedroom to beautify with :)

    @CaL - OMG Cass! I’m dying over those vanities!!

    @Mandy & Miss Indie - Fabric is so versatile I love it. Whenever I come across a pattern I like I just snatch it up because I know I’ll eventually find a use for it.

    @Krysten - I know the feeling love bug! I cracked up at your “etsy is like a drug” reference lol. Truth.

  • Comment from Kaitlyn

    i really want a vanity now!

  • Comment from Janie

    Everything is so divine! I ADORE those pots! I must take a photo of my awesome vanity to show you sometime (I love it, it’s not as cool as this one you’ve shown us, though!)

  • Comment from Adeline

    Right now I’m not lusting after anything, I did a lot of shopping while in France so I really can’t complain.

  • Comment from katrina

    it possible for me to spend an entire day at etsy — quite easily, faving countless things in sight, which is why i really try to keep my distance. as far as things i WANT: i could sure use stylish and spacious camera bag to hold all my purse things and knick knacks (in addition to the cameras themselves).

  • Comment from alexia

    Yes yes yes! That vanity! I have been looking forever for one like that! I hate that I will eventually have to give it and buy some sort of ikea version. They are just so hard to find.

  • Comment from Jen T.

    They have life size versions of dress forms at home goods.. Thats where I bought the one for Stella’s bedroom.

    They also have little shops in old fair oaks that sell several vanities just like that, but you need to be willing to spend $$$$. I was just looking at them this afternoon.

  • Comment from Rachel

    I really ought to start looking for a few fun finds on Etsy this summer!!!

  • Comment from Meghan

    That vanity is so cool!!! I love how mammoth it is. It’s mere presence in a room would indicate that yes, a lady lives here, and yes, she likes to take time getting pretty. Totally love.

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