gpoww 6.30.10

Probably my favorite thing about him next to his ewok face? His crooked little teeth.

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  • Comment from Chloe

    Glad you find one :) What breed of dog would you get next if you were getting another one?

  • Comment from Sarah

    crooked puppy teeth are my faaaavorite!

  • Comment from Windsor Grace

    I love my dog’s crooked little teeth too!! What kind of dog is he, he’s so adorable!

  • Comment from CaL

    Oh MAN he’s a cutie!!!

  • Comment from carly

    the teeeeeeeeeeeeef. they are the sweetest

  • Comment from Jenn

    I’m dog-sitting a dog that looks just like him except she’s gray-ish, her name is chloe and she has crooked teefs too.

  • Comment from Krysten

    Oh Walter, what a cutie pie!

  • Comment from Doniree

    omgggggg the cuteness!

  • Comment from Liz

    @Chloe - I’m not quite sure yet but I do get to pick this time :) We do want another dog a bit later down the road though. We’ll see!

    @Windsor Grace - Walter is a Brussels Griffon. Thanks!

  • Comment from Jaymi

    Awww, my Paco has crooked teeth too and an underbite! Love it!!!

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