Link Bytes 6.11.10

  • After my MM post on the sensation that is known as Lissie, a YouTube search on more of her stuff turned me on to Hannah Trigwell, another amazing artist who covered one of Lissie’s songs. I spent about 20 minutes watching most of her videos. Her cover of The Scrip’s Breakeven is my fave. I ♥ music.
  • Rings are my favorite accessory so it’s only natural I’m smitten with this lovely lace ring. So pretties.
  • Oh, what I would give to get my little paws on these magical vintage postcards depicting the happiest place on earth.
  • I’ve only just found dottie angel’s blog and I am obsessed with it and her flickr stream. Such a gorgeous home.
  • I’m LOL’n over this e-card regarding the upcoming iPhone 4 feature, FaceTime.

Offline Love; New tattoo itchy phase being gone; crystal light; thrifty finds; boyfriend bear hugs that lift you off the ground and spin you around; blinged out iPhone cases; family time; white wine; getting turquoise in my hair; perfect weather; walking instead of driving; insurance settlements & grape laffy taffy<3

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  • Comment from CaL

    Yum! I haven’t had laffy taffy in AGES!!! I clicked on the ring link & saw another ring…a HOT AIR BALLOON ring! Oh man…you just made me fall in love with something new! Yay for bear hugs & turquoise hair! & a big horray for getting past the itchy tattoo phase…I hate that…lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Comment from Krysten

    Ooh I love that lace ring too! So pretty! I never used to be much of a ring girl till my hubby proposed - and now, although I will always love my e-ring and wedding band best I am still obsessed with OTHER rings.

    And yay for the tattoo itchy phase being gone - that’s the absolute worst for me.

    Have a good weekend Liz!

  • Comment from katrina

    dottie angel’s home is pretty, isn’t it? cool, cute, and comfy. i’m also a fan of her clothes and adore her style.

    which iphone cases did you get?

  • Comment from Adeline

    The itchy part is the worst thing ever!
    Now off to check out those links!

  • Comment from Liz

    @CaL - I love that you loved the links :) Have a fab weekend as well!

    @Krysten - I’m obsessed with silver rings they’re my fave. It will be weird in the future when I have to switch out the spoon ring I wear now with an engagement ring. I won’t be complaining though :)

    @Katrina - Yes, she is so adorable! And I got this ridiculous blinged out knock-off Chanel case. I tweeted it a few days ago, ha.

    @Adeline - It truly is. Not looking forward to going through it again when I go back for color :/ Happy clicking!

  • Comment from kara

    That ring!!! It’s to die for! Your link bytes are so great every week.

    I’m obsessed with Crystal Light too man. That stuff is way too delicious to be so good for you.

  • Comment from Cecilie

    I love Lissie as well. She is so talented! Can’t wait to see more of her:)

  • Comment from Kara

    your blog is darling! i love it! :)

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