OK Computer

Oh hello, hi there. Please excuse the dust around here, as there have been a few maintenance changes and updates to the site and layout.

First and most importantly I have finally debugged it in Internet Explorer! So for all you IE browser users out there, please click around and let me know if you still notice any issues with navigation around my site I need to clean up. Pretty sure my mister & I caught ‘em all though. It’s also worth mentioning that if possible, I suggest upgrading to a more efficient browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. It will change your life :)

You will also notice that I have added a sponsors section to the left sidebar. Please check out the sweet people who support my little space here and give them some love. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for June, I still have a couple spots available so please email me for rates {they are dirt cheap}.

The last thing I have yet to get to is updating my blogroll; as of right now I basically just threw all of your blog buttons over there with no rhyme or reason so its on my list to re-organize them into a more pleasing manner. If I’m missing your button let me know, as I’d be happy to add you. And of course if you feel so inclined to share me, my button is on the lower end of my left sidebar.

Apologies for all the geek speak but it needed to be said! Now, I leave you with a few fun photos from my baby sister’s grad party we celebrated over the weekend. My family is absolutely fabulous.


Elsa, myself & Emma

Franco sisters<3

Stupid shadow. Me & mama

Apparently my mister is a hot commodity. Get your own, ladies.

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  • Comment from c

    IE works girl.
    i have it at work!!
    so it works.

  • Comment from Ashlee

    I spy with my little green eye one lovely thrifted dress! One day…some day before I’m 80, I’ll have a blog button to share with you. Stay tuned.

    p.s. some of us are not fortunate enough to choose our browsers at work. and having said that, IE can SUCK IT.

  • Comment from hanako66

    haha! glenn’s face!!

    the bloggy looks pretty!

  • Comment from Angela

    Yes, everyone should upgrade their browser of choice and ditch IE. IE is like the rotary phone of web browsing no one should be using it anymore.

  • Comment from Brandi

    You, your family, and the mister are a mighty sexy group of people!

  • Comment from Krysten

    Oh Firefox, I love it. I tried Google Chrome but I’m not good with change so I switched back, hehe.

    And remind me to add your button on my blog. I’d do it now but I’m in the middle of taming my hair for work today. Darn humidity!

  • Comment from Michelle

    so adorable. i love that dress!

    and the site looks fab =)

  • Comment from Liz

    @c - Yay thanks for checking!

    @Ashlee - Trust me, I know how long blog makeovers can take :) I’m sure it will be fabulous once all is said and done. Oh, and if you’re like me, you just download better browsers at work anyway. Haha.

    @hanako66 - Thank you my love.

    @Angela - I know, right! I despise it -_-

    @Brandi - Awh shucks <3

    @Krysten - No worries, toots. Whenever is good :)

    @Michelle - Thank you thank you!

  • Comment from Elise

    Where did that super cute dress come from?

  • Comment from Chloe

    Your mom is so pretty, you are so tall and gorgeous and your man is so hot!! :)

  • Comment from Liz

    @Elise - Thrifted from SPCA. I’m telling you, that place owns me.

    @Chloe - Thank you darlin’.

  • Comment from Elise

    you must get all the good clothes before I get there. I always find fun trinkets but never clothes

  • Comment from chelseybell.

    thanks for the sweet comment-it’s truly appreciated!

    i’ve seen your button on various blogs and have been meaning to click over…I’m glad I finally did. your blog and you are so adorable!

    total follower right here.

  • Comment from Kara

    Such a rad dress. Such a cute family. Such an awesome photo of your sister and your mister :)

  • Comment from Kara


  • Comment from Layne

    OMG Liz I just realized I TOTALLY FORGOT to check my blog in IE. Like, not even once to make sure it’s not totally wonky. Ha! I’m such an amateur.

    That last photo is totally classic! What a stud. LOL

  • Comment from Melissa

    I didn’t think anyone used explorer anymore…I have to agree with upgrading to Firefox or Chrome…changed my life. As for sponsoring…That term “dirt cheap” is kind of luring. I might be e-mailing you soon.

  • Comment from Ashley

    Emma looks so freaking pretty, and her dress… I want it!

    I love you & miss you.

  • Comment from chelsea

    i love your white dress! So pretty!

  • Comment from iris ashley

    you franco girls are positively lovely!

  • Comment from Sara Kate

    Let me just sum it all up in one word … ADORBS. For real!

  • Comment from Janie

    Your sisters are adorable! Meanwhile this post made me realise I didn’t have your banner on my page (I’m slack with banners!) so I rectified this immediately and you’re up there now, homie!

  • Comment from katrina

    booting pc as i type this and will check it in IE and will let you know if any issues persist. in any case, your site is FABULOUS.

    beauty certainly runs in your family!

  • Comment from katrina

    by the way, that date stamp is wrong… it’s only… yikes! it’s 1:25! i better get to sleep soon, i guess.

  • Comment from Adeline

    So, basically, everyone’s extremely good-looking in your family.

  • Comment from Diana

    People still use IE? I don’t even have it installed in any of my comps.

    Your family is adorable and so are you!

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