Link Bytes 6.4.10

  • I think I have found the perfect inspiration for my ideal office|craft space. Srsly, how gorgeous is that?!
  • Check out this nifty DIY. I plan on attempting it real soon.

  • I feel a mixture of anger & sadness when I see photos of the oil spill aftermath. I wish I was there to help.
  • Kara over from Sunshine Cupcakes posted a great article on injecting youth into your corporate wardrobe.
  • I realize Chanel hand weights are ridiculous but you can’t deny their *ooh* factor!

Offline Love; Celebrating LGS unveiling; impromptu photo shoots; my hair getting uber long; summer finally upon us; new tattoos; the smell of green soap; spending all day with my best friend; gold sparkle pedicures; thrifty goodness; pink cosmos; nights with my ladies; reality checks that make you hold your loved one a little closer; crystal light; bread + balsamic dipping sauce; chelsea handler; pretty parcels from pretty people; & fresh hot coffee ♥

{ 8 Responses to “Link Bytes 6.4.10 }

  • Comment from Chloe

    Love the craft room! Always a pleasure to come and stop by your blog lady, loving :)

  • Comment from Sarah

    The lamp is great. I’ve been wanting to try and paper-mache a few picture frames with classical sheet music for my living room.

    The oil spill images are terrible. I donated to the National Wildlife Federation and bought the Dawn handsoap that donated part of my purchase to cleanup efforts.

  • Comment from Krysten

    The news here was showing this poor little pelican swimming in… well, basically oil. Makes me so sad.

    And that DIY? I need to do that!

  • Comment from kara


    That DIY is so so fab!

  • Comment from suki

    that craft nook is too cute for words! but yeah, the oil spill is really depressing me. :/

  • Comment from Olga

    thanks for the love Liz! That find was actually from the day I ran into you at SPCA :)
    Pretty excited for you and LGS. So cute!

  • Comment from Janie

    What a gorgeous craft room!

  • Comment from Kyla Roma

    That little nook is amazing! I need to take some of that inspiration for my craft room =)

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