Sac and the City

I’ve written a similar post in the past on some of my favorite spots to visit in midtown & I figured since I’ve been a downtown dweller for over a year now, it merits a second installment. And so without further adieu…

  • SPCA Thrift|website - Out of this entire list, this is probably the place I visit the most! It doesn’t help that I live right across the street either. They have a great selection of vintage clothing, vinyl, furniture, housewares and trinkets. Whenever I go treasure hunting this is always my first stop.
  • McKinley Rose Garden: Yoga in the Park|website - Every Saturday morning @ 9am {weather permitting}, Zuda studio instructor Gina teaches class behind the beautiful rose garden in the park, for FREE. It’s an amazing experience to practice outdoors to an amazing playlist Gina brings. I try to go every week. Come hang out!
  • Sugar Plum Vegan|website - The mister & I have gone to this place a couple of times and each time I have been totally happy about my meal. He eats meat so stuff with vegan cheese on it was not his forte, but as a pesecetarian, Sugar Plum totally gets my vote. It’s tasty, healthy, creative and inexpensive. Plus the cafe is located in what used to be the terribly missed True Love Cafe’s building so it always offers a bit of nostalgia.
  • Crimson & Clover|website - Formally known as Atilier {which I used to love & frequent}, Crimson & Clover got revamped by two amazing & sweet designers and offers the cutest vintage and handmade goods around. These women really know their stuff but don’t overprice like a lot of other trendy boutiques do downtown. Plus the store is decorated SO cute. I wish they would start selling some of their decor! If you’re local and want to go here please let me know, I’d love to tag along!
  • The Urban Hive|website - Located in the heart of midtown, The Urban Hive {or as we members affectionately refer to as simply, “The Hive”} offers a way for all sorts of creatives to co-work together in a snazzy building that defies the traditional office setting. As members you are granted access to WiFi, french press coffee, tons of awesome people to bounce ideas off of, and a great location to have clients meet you to discuss your business. It’s also the home of past Stitch Swap events. If you’re a business owner or freelancer & are sick of working from home or busy coffee shops, TUH is for you.

So those are some of my favorite places to frequent around town that I wanted to share. Fellow Sacramentans, where do you like to play? If anyone visits any of the spots I mentioned, let me know how you like them :)

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  • Comment from CaL

    How fun! I love learning about big cities! I’ve never been to Sac either…weird! I also feel inspired to do a post like this for my little home town city. =)

  • Comment from Allie

    Rep yo city!

  • Comment from Monica

    I will definitely check out the yoga class!

  • Comment from Sara Kate

    So fab! I have to agree with CaL … now I want to do the same for my city!

  • Comment from Natalie

    Can’t wait to {finally} try yoga in the park. Also, can’t wait for the next stitch swap!

  • Comment from Liz

    @CaL @Sara Kate - Do it I would love to see what your city has to offer :)

    @Allie - LOL

    @Monica - Pleaaaaaase come next week!

    @Natalie - You’re gonna love it. And I knooow. Hopefully in August I will be able to catch my breath and plan the next one<3

  • Comment from Krysten

    Jealous! I’m sure if I really looked I could find some cool spots in my town but… hmm, not sure. That’s what happens when you live in a small college town!

  • Comment from Chloe

    Ok seriously, I am maybe the most retarded one to ask it but what is a pesecetarian?????

  • Comment from sashay

    yoga in the park? that’s handy to know! thanks for the tip.

  • Comment from Ashley

    Awwhh that place is where True Love was? Totally brings back memories from high school. I love it. You have to take me.

  • Comment from Ashlee

    What a lovely little list. My faaaaavorite place in Sacramento has got to be the Crest Theater. I have NEVER seen a bad movie there. Ever. Come to think of it, we should go soon! (p.s. cute pp images, love what you did with them!) xoxo.

  • Comment from Amy --- Just A Titch

    Awww, I love this. Also, I want to come to McKinley Park yoga! That sounds amazing! I think my favorite spots in Sac are Naked Coffee, Weatherstone, Tapa The World, Zeldas, Michaelangelos…so many!

    P.S. When I was in Vegas this weekend, Doniree told me that you and I need to meet soon :) I hear the best things about you, lady!

  • Comment from Veronica

    Wow… I had no idea there were other people who knew what pescetarians were! I thought I was alone in the blogging world ;) Are you a dairy eater or no?

  • Comment from Leigh-Ann

    Hi Liz :) (there was no link on the liz comment for SATC but I think it was probably you)… I went to see Sex and the City 2 last night and it was AWWWWWWWWWESOME!! I giggled and cooed, clapped and gasped, mental noted a million things and can’t wait to see it again (my sister asked me to go with her and I usually would hate seeing a theater movie twice… but I said YES before she even finished asking me-it was that great) :] Did you love it too?
    Why aren’t we email buddies hey? Email me if you wanna talk about things that could be spoilers if we type them here ;)
    love ya, LA

  • Comment from lisa

    I love all those things except I am not familiar yet with the urban hive. sounds really amazing though. Hopefully I will make it to yoga tomorrow if I got to sleep soon enough:)

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