Catch for us the foxes

Never in my life have I wanted to be an wild animal more than I did last night upon watching Fantastic Mr. Fox for the first time. It was, well, fantastic! I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan and between the directing and the stop-motion animation, I felt it was wonderfully done and definitely give it two thumbs up. Some of my favorite parts included;

  • Momma Fox’s character. She is so sassy! I love when she says, “If what I think is happening IS happening…it better not be” and then when she loses her temper with Mr. Fox. Can we say fierce?
  • The wolf they see near the end who from what I interpreted it as, fist pumps. Hilarious.
  • All of the little animals fashion sense! My, I’ve never seen such stylish creatures. I even created a Polyvore set themed around the film that I would just die to get my paws on.

Foxy by srslyliz featuring Marc Jacobs shoes

Have you seen the film? What was your reaction?

ps; Walter is suffering from a puppy cold therefore I am foregoing gpoww this week. If you can’t imagine continuing your Wednesday without your fix you can browse the archives here.

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  • Comment from Jaymi

    Awwww, pobresito Walter!

    The Fantastic Mr Fox was the best cussing movie I have ever seen. I literally smiled through the whole thing. I want to see it over and over again! Wes Anderson can do no wrong.

  • Comment from Diana

    I have those MJ shoes, I should wear them more often. I loved the movie! The soundtrack is my favorite. Alexandre Desplat is a music genius.

  • Comment from Liz

    @Jaymi - I know! He is feeling better though thank goodness.

    I wholeheartedly agree<3

    @Diana - You WOULD have those shoes ;) I’m downloading the soundtrack esta noche! Excited!

  • Comment from iris ashley

    I’ve been wanting to see this movie and still haven’t. I think it’s on my Netflix.

    I’m loving the bow headband and adorable little apron. they go perfect together!

  • Comment from Janie

    I haven’t seen it yet but I’m dying to, it looks fabulous!

  • Comment from katrina

    poor little puppy — hugs to Walter for me, please. :)

    i’ve yet to see that movie. i’m a huge fan of stop animation and i look forward to seeing it!

  • Comment from kara

    Yep, need to see that movie. Ryan and I are doing it TONIGHT!

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES. Loved them for months. Still love them.

  • Comment from Veronica

    I have not seen it… I suppose I should check it out!

  • Comment from Krysten

    I haven’t seen this film but you’re definitely making me want to!

  • Comment from Cali @caligater

    I LOVED the film! I laughed. Loudly. Many times.

    (And the fist-pumping is hilarious and genius!)

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