Thunder sticks, tattoos & my big head on your computer screen

The past few days {including today} have been amazing! So much good stuff, like the Kings basketball game the Mister and I attended over the weekend. The publication I write for offered us two tickets to accompany them and since they are dear friends of ours we happily obliged. Little did we know just how epic our seats would be.

We were directly behind one of the baskets which was awesome because our section got the thunder sticks to try and psych the other team out with during their free-throws.

In effort to save money on overpriced beverages, we *pre-partied* in my parked car before entering the arena. Probably not the most legal thing in the world but its not like I was driving around with open containers or anything.

Earlier that day after yoga in the park I met up with my cutie best friend Shawni to hang with her while she got her new tattoos.

In case you’re curious, she got Taylor Swift lyrics on both inner forearms that read, “I’m not a princess, this aint a fairytale.” If you know her than you know how fitting it is for her.
I was also there to kill two birds with one stone and finalize my half-sleeve appointment with my artist. We did a trace and he’s starting to draw it up! My appointment is for May 30th {I wanted to wait until after Maui as to not get sun|water damage on fresh ink} and I am beyond stoked.

Have I mentioned how much I love getting mail? Look at what arrived today!

My Holga cam! So so so excited to buy some film and practice with a few rolls. I also purchased some color filters which got here the other day and will be fun play with. I’ve also been researching a couple of DIY tutorials on customizing my Holga so stay tuned for a post on that.

Last but not least I wanted to give a little shout out since it’s been awhile & to say hullo to my new friends that read this blog.

Clearly, I need to eradicate “um” from my vocabulary :X

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  • Comment from Chelsea

    CUTE iGirlfrannn

  • Comment from kara

    Oh my god, I am dying. You guys pregame in your car too!??! Ryan is a huge fan, in fact at times he’s been known to smuggle beer in a QT cup on the LIGHT RAIL (our version of an above-ground subway). Soooo classy.

    Cutest vid evar!

  • Comment from Adeline


  • Comment from Liz

    @kara - Yep! And I know what light rail is we have it too :) I live right by one of the stations which is convenient, but sort of creepy too because there are a bunch of scary people that hang out by it lol.

  • Comment from Mika

    love your new website! the design is so chic and im uber excited to read more!

  • Comment from kara

    Oh, sweet. The only public transit I’ve experience in CA is the BART so I’m not quite up to snuff on such things. Plus, it’s still pretty new around these parts.

    Anyway, HOORAY pregaming in the car!!

  • Comment from Adele

    Look at you Missy! The new design is delightful, and I think it captures your spirit fantastically. Congratulations :)

  • Comment from Ashley S.

    I LOVE the redesign! It’s adorable. And there’s um, nothing wrong with, um, saying um. Believe me those words are essential in my vocabulary!! =)

  • Comment from iris ashley

    lol at shawni’s face. i’ve never seen someone so excited before!

  • Comment from Diana

    i couldn’t help but get another myself for such a cheap price (mine was close to $70 but it’s about five years young :) )
    I hate saying UM and LIKE, i mean, um, yeah. like, i hate it. :P

  • Comment from Blog Reader

    Im a avid reader of your blog.I love the new design but im so sad my internet explore wont display half of the new layout of your blog for me. It cuts like half the pages off :(…luckly the RSS feed still works.

  • Comment from Kevin

    I think your seats were a little better then mine. The Kings are such a fun young squad to watch. Nice redesign.

  • Comment from Ashley

    I love you. That is all.

  • Comment from This Much

    I had that pear cider this weekend! Yay for 4% alcohol!

  • Comment from Emily

    Dig the new place, Liz. I’ll be by often…don’t worry, I’ll let myself in. :)

  • Comment from Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    OMG - something just occurred to me. What if you tattooed something on your arm that was proprietary or copyrighted and they sued and you had to have it removed…YIKES!!!! Or are tattoos exempt from the likes of Disney?

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  • Comment from carly

    you couldn’t be any more beautiful girl.
    holy geeeeze.

  • Comment from Janie

    Haha, the photo of you guys drinking in the car is so cute!

  • Comment from Michelle

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